UV Resistant

Astral SILENCIO Pipes and Fittings are UV stabilized hence can be used in outdoor/open to sky applications.

Smooth Inner Surface

This guarantees the smooth flow and no choke up.

Outstanding Noise-Insulation Values

The high molecular formula for middle layer gives the superior acoustic requirement and performance. Excellent soundproofing performance is measured in Fraunhofer laboratory which complies with EN 14366, equal to <10dB with a flow rate of 2 l/s.

Chemical Resistance

Astral Silencio can handle the waste liquid with pH value 2 to 12. It has a high resistance to the most common chemical substances. The inner layer of the pipe is made of PP which has natural property to prevent the accumulation of deposits in the pipe.

High Impact Resistance

Astral SILENCIO products show high-impact resistance at extremely harsh temperature as low as -20 °C.

As Strong as Metal

Very good alternative to metal piping like cast iron and others.

Easy Installation

Simple, quick and efficient installation, due to its push fit joining method, without requirement of either any special tools or solvent cements.

Resistance to Hot Water 

Hot water resistance (short term: 95 °C/ long term: 90 °C). Also it has low co-efficient of linear expansion.