Astral Silencio

The Complete Low Noise System

Astral Silencio

The Complete Low noise System

The unique ASTRAL low noise system is a top-quality product made of mineral-reinforced polypropylene. This base material provides excellent mechanical strength and acoustic properties to Astral SILENCIO.

The system is made with high-molecular structure, which enables absorption of airborne sound as well as structure-borne sound. Astral SILENCIO is suitable for hot and cold waste water and also fulfils all requirements for non-pressurized waste water piping as laid down in DIN EN 12056 and DIN 1986-100.

The sound-insulating drainage system Astral SILENCIO is also suitable for gravity drainage system. The pipe dimensions are in accordance with pipes and fittings of the same nominal diameter so that special transition/adaptor pieces are not required.

Astral SILENCIO can be installed very less time, compared to CI pipes. It comes with a Push-fit socket joint and offers universal compatibility with the PVC-U, PP, PE & other piping system without any special adapters.

Another outstanding feature of Astral SILENCIO is the three-layer construction, with each individual layer contributing to its respective requirement.