Sound Insulation by Astral Silencio

The excellent sound insulation properties of Astral SILENCIO are primarily attributed to its thick-walled design as well as special molecular structure and the high density of 1.9 gm/cm3 of the Astral SILENCIO material. This property enables Astral SILENCIO to absorb airborne sound as well as mechanical vibrations.

The measurements in this test were performed following German standard DIN EN14366 and DIN 52 219:1993-07; noise excitation by stationary water flow with 0.5 l/s, 1.0 l/s, 2.0 l/s., 3.0 l/s and 4.0 l/s. To determine real noise emission of any pipe system into a room further, requires a more dynamic test set up.

Test Results

Acoustic Plumbing Design

While installing high-performance sound-insulating waste water piping systems, it is still necessary to consider how effectively the system is sound-isolated in order to achieve best results.

This applies to the waste water discharge system as a whole, including its points of contact with the building structure (pipe brackets and clamps, the running of pipework through walls and ceilings, mortar droppings between pipes and wall surfaces, etc.)

When planning pipe installation, waste water discharge pipes should not be allowed to run inside the walls separating living areas. The attachment of waste water discharge pipes to partition walls in living areas should only be carried out under application of special noise protection measures. DIN 4109 requires that single-skin walls to which, or in which, water installations or equipment (i.e. waste water pipes) are to be attached must have an area-related mass of at least 220 kg/ sq.m.

Walls having an area-related mass of less than 220 kg/ sq.m may only be used where prior testing has demonstrated that the walls exhibit acceptable properties with respect to the transmission of noise.