Sound Occurrence in the Waste Water Pipes

Airborne Noise

Airborne noise is the noise when the sound is transferred directly through the air to human ears from the source.

Structure-Borne Noise

With structure borne noise, the sound transfers through a solid body, be it a wall or a floor. This body vibrates and passes the vibration to the human ears as structure-borne noise.

Sound-Insulation Requirements

There are currently two important bodies of rules for sound insulation in residential buildings:

  • DIN 4109 (Sound insulation in buildings – Requirements and verifications, issued November 1989)
  • VDI guideline 4100 (Sound insulation in residential buildings – Criteria for planning and assessment, issued September 1994)

DIN 4109

Building drainage systems are to be planned under observance of DIN 4109. DIN 4109 defines the requirements for rooms in unknown living areas which must be insulated. These include Bedrooms, Living areas, Classrooms, Workspace (offices, treatment rooms, conference rooms etc.)

There are no requirements for your own living area. Max. 30 dB(A) is stipulated for water installations (water supply and sewer pipe systems together). This standard contains requirements for sound insulation with the goal of insulating people in living space from stress of sound transmission. A sound-insulation level is required which must be maintained to protect against health risks from sound.

VDI Guideline 4100

VDI guideline 4100 represents more stringent sound-insulation requirements. It defines three sound-insulation levels and differentiates between apartments in multi-storey apartment blocks, semi-detached houses and row houses and, in contrast to DIN 4109, also takes your living space water supply and sewer pipe systems together into consideration.

Sound Insultation LevelApartments in Mutlistorey Apartments BlockApartments in Semidetached HousesYour Own Living Area
I30dB (A)
(purs. to DIN 4109)
30dB (A)
(purs. to DIN 4109)
30 dB (A)
II30 dB (A)25 dB (A)30 dB (A)
III25 dB (A)20 dB (A)30 dB (A)

Sound-insulation requirements pursuant to VDI guideline 4100