What is Noise?

Noise can be described as unwanted sound. A sound that is unnecessary and doesn’t belong in the given environment. In relation to sound, noise is not necessarily random.

Impact and flow are responsible for airborne and structure-borne sounds developing at the piping wall. The type and intensity of these pipe vibrations depend on a variety of factors, such as the mass of the pipe, the pipe material and its inner damping. The biggest problem with a building’s plumbing drainage is with the transfer of structure-borne sound at the point of pipe fixing. When developing a sound-insulating drainage water system, both types of noise distribution must be taken into account. A distinction is made between airborne and structure-borne noise, depending on the propagation medium while designing and developing the drainage water system.

Noise strikes the walls of the vertical stack.
Noise strikes the wall of the horizontal pipes due to the effect of the direction change (offsets base and stacks)

Airborne noise is generated by the movement of the liquid in the pipe which is then propagated by the air.

Structure borne noise is the vibration propagated from the pipe into solid objects which then transfers the vibration into the air as sound.

Structure Borne Noise

Airborne Noise